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GPA/CGPA Calculator

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About this GPA Calculator

Are you a student looking for an easy way to calculate your GPA and CGPA? Look no further! The GPA and CGPA calculator and course advisor tools can help you achieve academic success. This tool is designed to simplify the process of calculating your GPA and CGPA, allowing you to keep track of your grades and course units, and also helping you plan your future course grades and predict your future GPAs.

GPA and CGPA Calculator Features

Program Duration:

We understand that not everyone’s on the same schedule. This feature allows students to select the appropriate program duration. Moreover, this feature doesn’t limit students with extention. If for example, a student chooses a 4 years program but has an extension, the student can still add more semesters.

GPA Scale:

Different schools, different scales. You can set the GPA scale that matches your school’s system.

Target CGPA:

This calculator allows you to set your Target CGPA (the CGPA you want to graduate with). Dream big and set your graduation CGPA goal! Our tool will show you how to get there, semester by semester. For example, if you set a target of a 4.00 CGPA, the calculator will guide you on how to reach the CGPA by suggesting the required GPA for each semester.

Progress Tracking:
This feature provides a graphic trend of your academic performance in relation to your target CGPA

Predict your next GPA:

In this function, students get an AI prediction of their future academic performance which is based on their past academic result trends. The purpose of this prediction is to encourage students to beat the prediction by working a bit harder!

Plan My COurse:

This feature looks at your past course grades, GPA, and CGPA and utilizes the power of AI to recommend the best grades to aim for in your future courses. This way, you can plan smarter to boost your GPA and also meet your targeted CGPA.

In short, our GPA/CGPA calculator isn’t just about numbers. It’s a whole system that helps you understand where you stand, where you’re going, and how to get there in the best way possible. It’s all about empowering you to make the best choices for your academic journey.